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Our Incarcerated and formerly incarcerated artists use their experiences to inspire

At Prison Art Experience, we are proud to showcase the works of talented incarcerated and formerly incarcerated artists from around the Colorado.

Our artists have faced immense challenges, but have used their experiences as a source of inspiration to create powerful, thought-provoking pieces that showcase the resilience of the human spirit.

Each artist has a unique story to tell, and we are honored to provide a platform for them to share their work with the world. From paintings and drawings to murals and mixed media pieces, our artists use a variety of mediums to express themselves and tell their stories.

We believe that art is a powerful tool for healing and self-expression, and we are dedicated to supporting our artists and helping them earn equitable income through their craft. When you purchase a piece from one of our artists, you are not only acquiring a beautiful work of art, but you are also supporting a meaningful cause and helping to promote positive change within the criminal justice system.

Thank you for taking the time to explore the work of our artists. We hope that their pieces inspire you as much as they inspire us.

uncle sherm self portrait.jpeg

The OG artist within the PAE community. In prison, John emerged as an undeniable force, embodying hope, resilience, and artistic mastery.

John's journey into the world of art traces back to his sister Nancy's sketches, which ignited the spark of his passion. John proudly identifies as a self-taught artist, deeply in love with the creative process.

John is celebrated for his unique style, earning him a reputation as a highly talented and imaginative artist. He remains enthusiastic about creating that one masterpiece that eludes so many artists.

Adam Fulford Prison Art Experience

Discover the extraordinary artistry of Adam, whose creations go beyond the ordinary, showcasing a unique and captivating creativity that sets him apart. His artwork possesses a remarkable ability to evoke raw emotions and a sense of addiction, immersing us in his distinctive world.

Beyond his artistic prowess, what truly distinguishes Adam is his impactful work as an occupational therapist. His compassion extends to aging prisoners grappling with dementia, Alzheimer's, and other severe mental health illnesses. Through both his art and therapeutic efforts, Adam leaves an indelible mark, using his talents to connect with and support others in profound ways.

Harrison Williams_edited.jpg

Meet Harrison, an extraordinary artist whose work I came upon in the prison's newspaper. Harrison's talent took center stage as he was prominently featured as the artist of the month, immediately drawing me into the captivating world of his artwork. Yet, it wasn't just the visual appeal that left an impression; it was Harrison's profound words and heartfelt expressions about art that truly struck a chord with me.

Through his art, Harrison invites us to see and appreciate the authentic beauty & power that exists beyond the misconceptions about "Blackness".

mugshot roohallah.jpeg

I am the visionary behind the Prison Art Experience. My journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of art and an unwavering commitment to giving back to a community I intimately know.

The entire concept blossomed while I was still in my cell. I reached out to incredibly talented artists, meticulously framed their artworks, and tirelessly worked to ensure their names and talents receive the recognition they deserve. The Prison Art Experience is not just an idea; it's a passion project that emerged from the confines of a cell, fueled by the belief in the healing and empowering potential of art.

Joseph Taylor Mcgill_edited.jpg

Throughout my time behind bars, I had the privilege of meeting Taylor, an individual truly exceptional, radiating kindness, and carrying himself with an air of calmness and wisdom. In an environment often defined by chaos, Taylor stood out as a beacon of serenity, choosing to remain separate from the negativity that engulfed many of us.

Our connection deepened through our shared love for art, engaging in profound talks while we spun laps around the yard, and fostering unwavering bonds with our families. Taylor's presence brought a unique sense of tranquility to our shared experiences, and our connection became a source of solace in the midst of the challenges we faced.

Robert Ziegler_edited.jpg

Meeting Robert left me with a profound understanding of what it truly means to be a master at a craft. His artwork exuded an impeccable amount of skill and patience, setting a standard of excellence that was inspiring.

Like many artists, Robert is self-taught and draws inspiration from various sources. His initial interest in art was sparked by the comic section of The Daily Sun in Warner Robins, Georgia, and his passion grew as he watched other artists, including John  P. Sherman. Sherman's 'leave your ego at the door' attitude and humility resonated deeply with Robert and became guiding principles in his own artistic journey.

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